Fall In Love Blanket Tassel Scarf

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Fall calls for chunky oversized layer-able accessories that add an extra punch of style. Fall in Love Oversized Tassel Scarf in cures the wardrobe woes. Feeling a little bit lack luster, throw on our marled knit tassel scarf for just the kick in the pants you need to head to dinner or lunch with confidence that you are the most stylish in attendance!

Layer up + show off your true madame Boheme looks. Our multi-color knit yarn chunky wrap scarf with fringe twisted chunky ends come in so many Fall worthy colors with dimensional colored yarns.

Acrylic yarn / No Wool

  • Color: Pink, Black, Khaki, Red, Blue, Gray
  • Scarves Length: 100cm-135cm
  • Size: 110*110cm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Material: Acrylic,Cotton